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After a 15 month hiatus, I’m back in-house working at a law firm. Now, I will admit, working for a solution provider does have its perks and it sure allowed me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and sharpen my public speaking skills. But I must say, it sure does feel good to be back on the “good” side.

About My New Gig

In January, I joined Robinson+Cole, LLP as the firm-wide Records & Information Governance Manager. Robinson+Cole is a NorthEast based law firm with 14 practice areas and six offices. I am stationed in the Hartford, CT office, which is considered firm headquarters.

The Records & Information Governance department is nine persons strong, most of which have been with the firm for 10+ years. So, as you can imagine, my department runs like a well oiled-machine. And for that I am extremely grateful.

In addition to having a seasoned staff, there was something else in particular that caught my eye about Robinson+Cole. One of the practice areas in Litigation focuses on E-Discovery and Information Governance. And that got me thinking, how could I take my knowledge and experience of information governance and use it to assist this practice group? What an opportunity this could prove to be! Being able to transform our records and information governance department from a cost center into a profit center by assisting lawyers in the information governance practice group. Now that’s exciting!

Making Progress

Since joining the firm, I’ve taken a pro-active approach in getting my seat at the table. By means of in-person meetings, casual conversations and posting internally on the intranet, I am confident our department can make an impact firm-wide. After all, information governance sure is a hot topic these days and is gaining momentum each and every day that passes. I mean, what lawyer isn’t aware of the Hilary Client Email Scandal?

Recently, Linn Freedman, joined Robinson+Cole as chair of the privacy and data security team. She has extensive knowledge and experience advising clients on information privacy and security, helping them stay compliant with the latest regulations. I look forward to working with her and learning from her experiences in the information privacy and data security space.

Last Word

As mentioned at the outset, I’m excited to be back with the “good” guys. However, I sure am grateful for the time spent on the “dark side.” The opportunity to view the field of information governance from both sides of the spectrum will truly contribute to success in my current role.

If your an information governance professional currently working in a law firm, let’s connect.

If your a solution provider in the information governance space, let’s also connect. I’m always interested in keeping up to speed with new technologies in the market place.

New Contact Info:

Email – jmerrifield@rc.com

Phone: (860) 541-2733

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